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Domain Trend Reporting

One stop viewing of current and historical domain activity acquired from multiple data sources


Cybersquat Investigations

Develop a threat matrix and strategy to mitigate the abuses affecting your brand and personal identities.


Domain Monitoring and Consulting

Threat mitigation requires continuous monitoring and adaptation


New & Legacy TLD Market Analysis

In-depth research and insights into gTLD activities and operations


Domain Trend Reporting
Custom Subscription Services

The TLDWatch.com platform is an
array of data compiled on Registry
and Registrar operational information.

The custom offerings give users access to simple data
like drop and adds of second level domain names
daily to complex and customized reporting of gTLD
operations by industry and sector in which they operate.

Check out the TLDWatch site.

TLDs Tracked
Service Providers
  • 1

    TLD Zone Files

    Daily snap-shot of zone activity against baseline

  • 2

    WHOIS Records

    Acquired WHOIS records based on zone changes

  • 3

    Operational Reports

    Monthly collections of Registry reports compared to zone activity

  • 4


    Collection of domain usage data and statistics

Our Services

A quick view of what we provide:

Custom Subscriptions

A solution customized to your need for secure access or feeds back to your site.

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Cybersquat Investigations

Acquire threat intelligence and mitigation strategy.

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Continuous threat monitoring and potential abuse notifications.

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Market Analysis & Research

In-depth research and insights into gTLD activities and operations.

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Public Policy & Governance

Internet Governance and public policy intelligence and representation.

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Assistance with strategy and implementation of Top Level Domains.

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